Our Gift To You

If you cannot afford to purchase TheMaker - we give it as a gift to you.

We want everyone to experience TheMaker and that is why we have a very competitive price. The proceeds enable us to enhance our product and provide you with the best support and awesome features in the future.

We also understand the "Free and Open Source" philosophies which drive many great software projects. This is why TheMaker has always been Open Source Software and we provide all of the source code, so that you can 'build your own'.

However, if you feel you cannot afford to purchase TheMaker, we would like to provide it as a gift to you. If you like it, we would love some feedback (if you don't like something we would like to know that too!). Later, if you find you can make a donation to the project, we would be delighted that you valued what you had found in TheMaker, but really, there is no obligation.

To receive our gift of TheMaker to you, simply send us an e-mail (link below) telling us how you would like to use TheMaker and if we find you eligible, we will send you details to get TheMaker for free.[1]

Remember the gift is intended for those who really cannot make the purchase. If you CAN, you should buy TheMaker and help us maintain it's progress. Please respect the intention of this initiative.

[1] Please note that there are only a limited number of promotional codes available.